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Your choice today to

find hope in tomorrow.

When confronted with challenging times - whether it is struggles with mental health, your relationships, addiction, identity or just not knowing what to do - feelings of despair, loneliness, desperation, and fear can overwhelm hope.


Wade Hirschfield, a registered clinical counsellor, has a desire to see people overcome their challenges. His caring spirit and professional experience have helped individuals, as well as couples and families, who have faced relationship struggles, grief, trauma, anxiety, violence, addictions, identity struggles, depression and much more, regain hope and ultimately find their own success.


Torchlight Counselling is committed to you:

  • Making sure you get the best service available for your journey; whether that be with us or not.

  • Providing customized professional counselling focused on change

  • Having flexible schedules to fit your timetable

  • Not wasting your time or money, if our services are not needed


When facing difficult times, it is often overwhelming trying to figure out what to do. Torchlight Counselling can help you move forward. Take the next step with us; Book a FREE, half-hour meet-and-greet, to start your journey today.​


Torchlight Counselling is committed to responding to emergencies. Contact us now and we will set-up a time for a free consultation or emergency session as soon as possible. If the situation is dire or unsafe and attention is needed immediately, please go to the nearest emergency room.


Torchlight Counselling has been a part of people's journeys who have:

  • Gained insights to make their lives better

  • Found new levels of forgiveness and love making connections deeper and more meaningful

  • Found confidence in the directions they chose to go

  • Found peace, happiness and calmness after periods of time without

Unless you're willing to take the next step, it is unlikely your direction and situation will change.

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Wade is a registered clinical counsellor which means that his services are often included in private health insurance plans through your employer or student union. You are encouraged to look into coverage with your insurance provider. Wade also provides counselling through ICBC (more information) and WCB. He follows the BC Association of Counsellors suggested rate of $120/hr. This rate is standard for individuals, couples and/or families.


Sometimes it can feel challenging to take the next step. We offer this download as a free resource to get started, in a desire that you might find hope within it.

If you feel hopeless, alone, desperate, scared or overwhelmed, take action and allow Torchlight Counselling to walk with you in finding and achieving your own unique success story.


Send us a private confidential message to help determine if Torchlight Counselling is for you.

#207 4475 Viewmont Ave
Victoria, BC  V8Z 1J8

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